James Earl Douglas

Scala Developer

January 29, 2020




I am a software engineer with an expertise in Scala development.

I began my career building enterprise Java products, from J2EE to EJB to the Spring Framework. After several years I discovered Scala, and its multi-paradigm approach helped me transition from object-oriented programming to functional programming. I have been a Scala developer ever since.

I have built a variety of products in Scala, including big data analytics pipelines, backend microservices, an education technology platform, and social network analytics. I have given talks and run workshops on Scala. I have organized study groups on Scala, and mentored junior and senior engineers in Scala.

I follow a rigorous approach to software development, using functional programming and strong typing to maximize productivity and minimize defect rates.


My Scala development experience comes from the following roles:

For detailed experience, see my CV at https://earldouglas.com/cv.html