Currying for type inference in Scala

October 05, 2013

One of the reasons I use currying in Scala is to help the compiler out with type inference.

Take fmap as an example. We can define it without currying:

def fmap[A,B](xs: Seq[A], f: A => B): Seq[B] =

But this leads to some difficulty using it:

fmap(List(1,2,3), x => x + 1) // fails to compile: "missing parameter type" on "x =>"
fmap(List(1,2,3), { x: Int => x + 1 } ) // returns [2,3,4] -- but this code is noisy

We can redefine it with currying:

def fmap[A,B](xs: Seq[A])(f: A => B): Seq[B] =

Now we can use it without the extra type noise:

fmap(List(1,2,3))(x => x + 1) // returns [2,3,4]

This works because fmap(List(1,2,3)) returns a function (A => B) => Seq[B] for which Scala has inferred the type of A to be Int, yielding (Int => B) => Seq[B].